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Are you tired of clogged gutters? LeafGuard gutter system provides the perfect solution. LeafGuard gutters have free-flowing gutters, year round, without maintenance and upkeep. Once installed, you never have to worry about your gutters getting clogged. The days of climbing wet ladders in the fall and spring to scrap out plant matter, sticks and debris are all over.

The patented one-piece aluminum LeafGuard gutter system uses the principle of liquid adhesion to allow the water to flow perfectly into your gutter while shielding off leaves overhead.

You can see the LeafGuard technology working instantly, and it will continue to function properly through all the bad weather and changing seasons. And that’s not an empty promise—that’s a guarantee. LeafGuard guarantees clog-free gutters.

Contact LeafGuard right now so you can see, from the baked enamel paint finish that is guaranteed not to crack or peel for 20 years to the excellent customer service, the difference for yourself.
Add value to your home while cutting gutter replacement costs with LeafGuard!
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By Staff Writer 11 Nov, 2015
The patented Englert LeafGuard seamless gutter system allows rainfall to flow across and around its arched hood and into the gutter using liquid adhesion.  Liquid adhesion is a scientific property that uses centripetal force to keep liquids like rainwater move along a curved path.   This ensures that only rain flows into the gutters while keeping leaves and other matter from clogging your gutters.  

LeafGuard gutter systems are also seamless to further ensure that your gutters will never clog.  If you are tired of cleaning pine needles, leaves, and other debris from your old gutters, contact us for a quote today at 800-532-3482.  
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