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How It Works

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Based on the scientific principle of Liquid Adhesion, the patented Englert LeafGuard seamless gutter system allows rainfall to flow across and around its arched hood and into the gutter. Because the water flows around the hood, leaves and other organic matter have no choice but to fall off the overhanging lip, instead of into the gutter.
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Our factory-trained servicemen use machines to form your LeafGuard gutter on-site. The special machinery forms the aluminum into a high-flow gutter with a strategically curved cover. Remember, the gutter and the cover are not separate pieces, but they are formed from one piece of metal.

LeafGuard gutters are roll-formed from one piece of metal, and cut to custom lengths that fit your home. The gutter is made of .032 aluminum, approximately 20% thicker than conventional gutters.

The cover is a vital component of the gutter system. It will catch rainwater; but will NEVER clog. The extra-large gutter bottom and high flow 3” x 4” downspouts are built to handle extremely heavy rainfall with ease. In a laboratory simulation, the LeafGuard seamless guttering was able to handle 32 inches of rain per hour – more than three times the record rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau.

Your LeafGuard gutter will continue to look great for a long time thanks to a ScratchGuard® paint finish that won’t chip, peel or crack as many other gutters do. ScratchGuard® is warrantied for the life of your gutter!

LeafGuard gutters are truly a marvel on their own, but the installation is just as important. Our non-corrosive hangers are specially designed to support the hood, even during heavy rainfall. The hangars are attached with screws to the fascia board so they don’t back out of the wood. Added strength and durability are ensured by spacing hangers at two-foot intervals, double the industry standard.

All these features work together to create a one-piece gutter and hood that repels leaves and other debris better than any other seamless gutter systems. LeafGuard gutters will not clog, cause leaks or interfere with the integrity of your roof. The system is exclusive and patented!

This process is unique and it’s patented!

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