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How LeafGuard Gutters Work

Gutter Replacement in Russellville, AR

See exactly how the patented LeafGuard technology keeps your gutters clean and free flowing all year long.

Conventional gutters have a poor design where leaves and other debris can easily enter and clog the entire gutter system.

LeafGuard Gutter Systems from Englert deflect leaves, sticks and debris, not allowing them to accumulate in your gutter. Then when it rains and pours, the runoff water from the roof flows freely into the gutter and into the downspout.

Patent LeafGuard technology uses the physics principle of adhesion where water flows around the curved design and into the gutter. The system can be fabricate on-site and in most cases the entire project can be completed in a day.

Watch the video and see why LeadGuard guarantees your gutters won’t ever clog.
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