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Why You Need LeafGuard Gutters

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Understand the benefits of the LeafGuard system and why it is the optimal choice for your home in the video. By being the only, one-piece, seamless, covered gutter, LeafGuard can do more than any other leaf blocking system on the market.

Why is LeafGuard so confident that water will flow perfectly in and the sticks and yard waste will stay out? Because they have seen it work and that’s why there is a no-clog guarantee, so you don’t have any doubt.

Don’t let water damage your support boards and cause surface erosion around your home. The rain water needs to properly flow from your home, into your gutters and away from your infrastructure.

Why take the risk of climbing ladders and why spend the time cleaning every year—see for yourself why so many homeowners have made the switch to LeafGuard.
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